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Вниманию молодых преподавателей вузов!

Институт «Открытое Общество» (программа Поддержки высшего образования) объявляет о начале трехлетнего (2007-2010 гг.) междисциплинарного проекта АЛЬТЕРНАТИВНАЯ КУЛЬТУРА ПОВЕРХ ГРАНИЦ: ПРОШЛОЕ И НАСТОЯЩЕЕ ИСКУССТВА И СРЕДСТВ МАССОВОЙ ИНФОРМАЦИИ В КОНТЕКСТЕ ГЛОБАЛИЗАЦИИ


В августе 2007 г. под Санкт-Петербургом пройдет Летняя школа-семинар, к участию в которой приглашаются преподаватели вузов России и других стран.

Рабочий язык всего проекта и школы-семинара — английский. Претенденты должны продемонстрировать знание английского языка, достаточное для участия в научных дискуссиях.

Последний срок подачи заявок для участия в проекте — 15 мая 2007 года.

Подробная информация — в прилагаемом информационном письме.




Call for Participants

Deadline: 15 May 2007

Please see the program description and application information at




Alternative Culture Beyond Borders: Past and Present of the Arts and Media in the Context of Globalization is a three-year (2007-2010) international research and teaching project which explores the continued relevance and significance of the concept of ‘alternative' culture in the era of globalization—a moment in which many of the frameworks that have been used to study culture have been placed into question and new theories are being developed. This exploration of contemporary alternative culture begins from a comparative, cross-cultural analysis of the phenomenon and idea of ‘alternativeness' from the nineteenth century to the present, with an especial emphasis on the recent history of Central and Eastern European societies after World War II and their similarities and difference to Western ‘Cold War' culture.

This project connects resource faculty from around the world with participants from Central, Eastern and Southeast Europe , the former Soviet Union , and Mongolia . Participants consist of junior faculty with teaching positions who are dedicated to the advancement of undergraduate teaching in these regions.



The project is open to young faculty in institutions of higher education who intend to pursue comparative, interdisciplinary research on alternative culture(s), globalization, identities and the arts and media, with a geographical emphasis on post-communist transition countries. Fellowships are available for participants from Central and South-Eastern Europe, the Baltic States , NIS , Mongolia , and Turkey . Participant fellowships cover transportation, accommodation and meal costs.

Eligible disciplines include Anthropology, Archival and Museum Studies, Comparative Literatur e , Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, History, History of Art, Media Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Participants should: 1) to be ready to take part in the entire three-year program; 2) be committed to the development of new teaching practices and research into new theoretical frameworks; and 3) deliver or plan to deliver courses pertaining to the general themes of the program.

Participants must be able to demonstrate the English language skills necessary to take part in the program.



The project is organized around intensive 2 week summer sessions which will be held each August beginning 2007 in St. Petersburg , Russia . The summer sessions provide faculty and participants with the opportunity to investigate the major concepts and theories involved in the analysis of alternative culture, with the aim of expanding and enhancing scholarly knowledge of this area of research.

In addition to the summer sessions, there will be on-going winter sessions on pedagogy and research issues. Throughout the year, participants will also engage in both individual and group research projects in conjunction with resource faculty, will be given opportunities to participate in on-going major research projects organized by resource faculty, and will be given the opportunity to participate in exchange visits, internships and publishing opportunities.



To apply for the Alternative Culture Seminar, the applicant should create an account at www.alternativeculture.org through which the following information must be submitted:

•  application form (on-line);

•  curriculum vitae with list of publications;

•  500-word s tatement of purpose;

•  sample syllabus for course relevant to the topic, or sample article or research paper relevant to the topic (10 pages max.)

•  one letter of recommendation send directly to spm111@yandex.ru (please indicate the name and the country of origin of the applicant in the Subject line)



Application deadline 15 May 2007

Interviews (where appropriate) to be conducted between 1-15 June 2007

Notification letters to be sent by 15 June 2007



For further information, please contact spm111@yandex.ru or

Imre Szeman ( spm111@yandex.ru ) and Olga Zaslavskaya ( spm111@yandex.ru )

This project has been organized through the Open Society Institute's Regional Seminar for Excellence in Teaching (ReSET) program. For further information on this program, please visit: http://www.soros.org/initiatives/hesp/news/reset_20060920



St. Petersburg State University ( Russia ); McMaster University ( Canada ); OSA Archivum at CEU ( Hungary ); International Samizdat [Research] Association ( www.samizdatportal.org )

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